50 Funny Fantasy Team Names


Playing in leagues with your friends can often get competitive as bragging rights are normally at stake or even some monetary prizes. Sometimes the comradery of the fantasy league season can start before a ball is even kicked. When you are looking down the list at the other competitors’ teams, you may check out who has the best or funniest team name. This is why when you make your team for the new Premier League season you need a witty team name to match it so your mates can have a chuckle when they are looking at the leader board.

Luckily you do not have to look any further than here as we have provided you with some of the best fantasy team names around. Some involve football puns, player’s names, manager’s names or even team names, hope you enjoy our fantasy team names and find one that will differentiate your team from the rest of your league.

50 Fantasy Team Names

  1. Tikka Mo Salah
  2. Obi-Wan Bissaka
  3. Farcelona
  4. Giroud Let The Dogs Out
  5. Delph And Safety
  6. Sevilla Diarrhea
  7. Game, Lacazette and Match
  8. Dyche Dyche Baby
  9. Rice Rice Baby
  10. Ings Can Only Get Better
  11. Only Kruls And Horse
  12. Rolls Reus
  13. Lallanas In Pyjamas
  14. Goals Aloud
  15. Baines On Toast
  16. Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtel
  17. Tinchy Sneijder
  18. Obi-Wan Iwobi
  19. I Gave You My Hart
  20. Turkish De Ligt
  21. Stranger Mings
  22. ABCDE FC
  23. Alisson Wonderland
  24. Hakuna Juan Mata
  25. The Wizard Of Ozil
  26. Me My Delph And I
  27. 50 Shades Of Andre Gray
  28. Game Of Throw-Ins
  29. Expected Toulouse
  30. Netflix And Chillwell
  31. Egg Fried Reus
  32. Muller Reus
  33. Tea And Busquets
  34. Chiellini Con Carne
  35. Hit Me Bale One More Time
  36. Benteke Fried Chicken
  37. Moves Like Agger
  38. Ivory toast
  39. Boom Xhakalaka
  40. Men Behaving Chadli
  41. Game Of Stones
  42. Texas Foden
  43. Anakin Kyle Walker
  44. Werners Orginals
  45. Haven’t Jota Clue
  46. All The Smallings
  47. Top Dier
  48. Klopps And Robbers
  49. Gangsters Allardyce
  50. Who Ate All Depays

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