Beginner’s Guide To Free Spins

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There are a number of incentives persuading players to join online casinos like free bonuses, playing credits, promotions etc. but nothing is more valuable a joining gift that online spins. Throughout these casino’s slot games are a huge attraction and the opportunity to spin these games for free is not something to turn your nose up at. Players could be rewarded handsomely from these free games like the 80 wager free spins at Play Ojo that can be claimed without making a deposit. 

Free Spins and Multipliers 

Inexperienced gamblers with less time spent at online casino sites should look to starting off with free spins that come equipped with multipliers. An example of this could be if a site like SlotsHeaven offered their maximum 200 free spins with a 2x multiplier then a player won £50, this would automatically be doubled to £100. 

Free Spins and multipliers are offered by almost every slot website with slot games, some of these sites reload free spins every 24 hours helping players to fill their kitty free of charge. Although, every site is different and it is always important to read the T+C’s to full understand the free spins feature. An example of this is the Plaza Royal up to 100 free spins and £50 bonus, it is important to read that  this involved a minimum deposit of £10 an doffer a maximum win from these free spins of £100. 

How Free Spins Work 

In many online slots players can win more free spins and multipliers in bonus rounds though getting consecutive combinations of symbols. They might be given a choice of 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier, 10 free spins with a 3x and 5 free spins with a 4x for example. This engages players in the slot by having them interact with what happens in an otherwise game of chance. 

Different slots will come with their own T+C’s such as limiting the number of spins to 1 per game, this allows players to find a game with a bet stake that suite them better before playing. Some online gamblers bankroll these free spins and then use them in one go to amass funds they will then use on higher stake games. 


Newcomers to online gambling will be blinded by the huge variety of free slots, but it is important to keep a clear head and remember when playing online: 

  • Claim earnings from bonus games immediately, some might have expiry dates. 
  • Always read the T&C’s, especially for new sign-up bonuses. 
  • Check how and when to use free spins. 

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