Football Betting – Everything You Need To Know

Football Betting

Arguably the biggest sport in the country, now spanning the entire globe with leagues and competitions across all 6 continents. Football is the most bet on sport in the world with each country hosting a large volume of football betting sites to accommodate the demand. 

Whether you bet on games every weekend and are looking for Football betting tips to improve your chances of success. Or you are placing a one-off bet and need advice on how to get the best odds on your betting experience. 

Type of Bets 

The possibilities for bets you can put on football are seemingly endless with individual games or multigame accumulators put together to increase your return.  These matches can be chosen from different leagues and countries so long as the game hasn’t kicked off, so you can mix and match any selection of teams you want to follow. 

The football betting sites option for individual games is also huge as you can place money on anything from total number of goals to the number of corners teams will get in a set amount of time. A football betting tip we would give is to keep it simple if you are a new starter, the winning team or teams and perhaps number of goals above or below a certain amount. 

Where to Bet 

You can place bets like this at any sports betting site with Football usually appearing at the top of the page with big games like cup finals highlighted. Some sites will offer different odds and even promote deals on big games with great winnings up for grabs. Check out our dedicated sports betting section for all our latest welcome offers.

Covering the football leagues amongst other sports for over 60 countries across the world Betway has a great selection of bets to choose from. Right now, enjoy a £10 free bet with you first deposit. 

Mr Play has similar bonuses on offer like the 2021 Euro’s promotion offering a £5 free bet and 20% cashback on deposit up to £200. Their sports centre includes all future and in-play games for you to bet on in countless countries and leagues. 

Tournaments and Leagues  

The biggest leagues on all the best sites are primarily European countries like the British Premier League and Championship. There is also Frances Ligue 1, Spain’s La Liga and Germany’s Bundesliga all home to topflight football with teams even the inexperienced football fan will have heard of. 

The same is to be said about big tournaments like the Champions League, The World Cup or the Copa Del Rey. 

Upcoming Events 

15th May – Men’s FA Cup Final, Wembley Stadium. 

26th May – Europa League Final, Stadion Energa Gdansk. 

29th May – Uefa Champions League Final, Ataturk Olympic Stadium. 

11th June – Euro 2020 competition begins, Europe. 

11th June – Copa America competition begins, Argentina and Columbia.