Tokyo Olympic Games Preview


With the 2020 Summer Olympics taking place a year late due to the Coronavirus Pandemic this summer we thought a preview was needed to get everyone in the Olympic mood. Hopefully the XXXII Olympiad can go ahead and ne enjoyed by people across the world  

History Of The Olympics 

It is believed the ancient Olympic Games of Greece date back to 776 B.C. although they were nothing like the games we know today. They were played every 4 years however the feats of human strength and athleticism were quite different as a way for Greece to honour Zeus. Events like the Pentathlon and Discus were second to ritualistic offerings and no-rules fighting called Pankration. The ancient Olympic games continued until 393 A.D. when Emperor Theodosius of the Roman Empire put a ban on all “pagan” festivals. 

The games were revived some 1,500 years later when French Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee after a visit to Olympia. The first modern Olympics took place in Athens with a competition taking place every 4 years apart from during the 2 World Wars and a postponement during the Coronavirus pandemic.  

What Sports To Bet On

Bets on the Olympics add even more excitement to the sporting event, the easiest and most popular bet is on the number of gold medals a country will claim. Other available bets include individual athletes’ position in events, medals they will win and aspects of the event itself (times, distance, K.O etc.). What makes betting on the Olympics so exciting is the huge range of bets that are available and our affiliate sites stock them all with brilliant odds for users to make the most of the Olympics. 

Where To Bet On The Olympics

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When Does The Olympics Start 

The opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympics will take place on July 23rd in Tokyo, Japan with the first events (softball and football) occurring on July 21st. Over 19 days from the first softball and football events Tokyo will host the competition of over 50 sports with expected events like athletics and boxing and some niche sports such as skateboarding and sport climbing.