Understand Casino Welcome Bonuses

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Players that are new to online casinos may find all the potential casino bonuses flying around the screen slightly confusing. When the sites you are spending your money on are offering something for nothing you need to take advantage of that, knowing what all the different bonuses are can help you make the most of them. Once you are familiar with the casino bonuses you can browse all our professional sites and weigh up the offers available. There are 3 main bonuses that casino sites will offer: welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and loyalty bonuses. 

Casino Welcome bonuses  

These bonuses are given to new members of an online casino, after an account is made, they might be rewarded with free spins of a popular slot game to get started. It is important to check out the terms and conditions of these bonuses so as to make the most of them, this could include information on the games they can be used on or the date they must be used by. Not all sites offer these however it is a great way to try out a site before fully committing to spending money there.  

Deposit Bonuses 

Similar to a casino welcome bonus these are awarded to a player for making their 1st deposit, they could also offer incentives for milestone deposits such as the 10th, 25th or 50th for example. These can include such bonuses as free spins or multipliers or 50% of your deposit back in free bets, potentially increasing a kitty from £50 to £75. These are provided so that players can get more value from their deposit and get greater opportunity to ty out the games and features available on site. 

Loyalty Bonuses 

Finding a site, you like and sticking to it can be rewarding sometimes as loyalty bonuses are given to players. Recurring games at a casino site will be noticed and can be rewarded by free spins or additional funds on the game you play, watch put for these in your emails or on the site. Some online casinos might use a point system to decide how loyalty works for example points for every time you play a game, then claim casino bonuses for a certain number of points. 

Terms And Conditions 

It is very important to fully understand the Conditions of casino bonuses before making transactions or using funds from a kitty. Whilst these bonuses are great to claim during play if would be very frustrating to not claim a bonus you were expecting. The terms of casino bonuses could mean that only a percentage of the winnings from a free spin will actually be rewarded, or players might not be able to withdraw funds until they have been played with so many times. 

Now that you know a bit more about the potential casino bonuses you can claim why not check out our casino bonuses to see what you could claim today. Alternatively, you could read up a bit more on our other articles such as our guide to free bets so, you can understand casino welcome bonuses in further detail.